September 10, 2018

Marketing Advice and Content Ideas for September

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“We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. We will welcome summer’s ghost.”

It’s September, which means we’re rolling full speed ahead toward the end of the year, and it’s only going to get busier over the next few months. If you want to stay on top of everything during the busy winter holiday shopping season, don’t forget the important dates coming up and be sure to follow these tips!

Important Dates and Events for September

Labor Day: September 3

Labor Day is a huge opportunity to have an end-of-summer sale and get rid of excess inventory heading into the colder months. Be sure to mention the sale in your newsletter sendinblue and other promotional emails. You can also schedule a few posts on social media and promote the sale on your own website’s homepage as well.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day: September 19

Although it sounds goofy, this can be a fun way to connect with your social media followers and get some organic engagement. Need help speaking pirate? Just search for an online pirate translator.

Paris Fashion Week: September 25 – October 3

Fashion Week in Paris is one of the biggest events in the fashion industry. It also presents eCommerce brands with a fantastic opportunity to discuss the topic in their content on social media or in newsletters. You can also take the chance to discuss your new products or fashion lines heading into the Fall and Winter holiday shopping season.

Marketing Advice for September

Save time choosing when to send campaigns with send time optimization

Figuring out the perfect time to send an email campaign takes time — and the optimal time actually depends on the individual!

Instead of wasting time trying to figure out the best time to hit send on your next newsletter so that most of your audience receives it close enough to the optimal time, just use Sendinblue’s new, machine learning-powered Send Time Optimization feature to do the work for you. It automatically sends out your email at the perfect time for each one of your contacts, helping you stand out in the inbox and boosting your open rates and overall engagement in the process.

Optimize your transactional emails now!

As we move closer and closer to the apocalypse we know as holiday shopping season, it’s important that you optimize your transactional emails to make you’re not missing out on any opportunities for more sales and customer loyalty!

Ensure that your emails are reaching the inbox

The volume of emails you’re sending is likely to increase significantly over the next 3 or 4 months as online shopping behavior surges. This makes September a perfect time to make sure that you’re following all of the email deliverability best practices to ensure that your emails aren’t being filtered out by inbox providers like Gmail or Yahoo.

If you want to plan ahead, check out our ecommerce marketing calendar for 2018.

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