A/B Testing

Optimize your email campaigns by testing two ideas and automatically choosing the version that performed the best.


Test different ideas and gain deeper marketing insights


Configure your A/B test with the exact parameters you want


Don't waste time guessing what works best ー just test it!

Send the best version of your email campaign. Every time.

Automatic email campaign optimization.

Remove the guesswork from your email marketing! A/B testing lets you try two different ideas at the same time, splitting the two versions between a sample of contacts and automatically choosing the one that performs the best according to your criteria once the test is finished. Choose how large of a sample you want to send to, how long you want to wait for results before choosing the winning version, and which metric you want to use as your performance: opens or clicks.

Test two ideas on a sample of your audience and automatically send the version that performs the best!

Higher open rates and more conversions for your emails.

It’s tough to know what content you should put in your email to get the most engagement. Luckily, A/B testing eliminates this problem for you by letting you try out two different ideas at the same time and find out which one works best. This helps you get to know your audience better and improve your email campaign performance because you can automatically send the best version of your campaign to your list after seeing the performance with a small sample. You can also follow the results and keep track of insights for future campaigns!

Get the best open rate and conversion rate for your email campaigns by testing different ideas.

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Boost your email campaign performance with Sendinblue A/B testing

A/B testing is as easy as sending a normal campaign in Sendinblue. Just select the A/B testing option when you’re creating your email campaign, set up the two versions of email content that you want to test, define the parameters for your A/B test, and hit send! Afterwards, you can follow the performance and see the detailed results in your campaign report.

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