February 8, 2018

5 Strategies to Help You Boost Warm Leads

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So you’ve set up a business website with a blog and started producing great content to rank higher on Google. You’re now receiving lots of traffic to your website but you’re still not seeing an increase in sales? What went wrong?

Bringing in traffic to your website is only the first step in boosting your conversions and generating more sales. Now, you need to identify your target audience and build interest for your product to generate leads.

When you create content that provides solutions to the everyday problems of your audience is having, you will start seeing more people showing interest in your product. That’s how your website traffic turns into potential customers. Or, in business terms, “warm leads”.

How exactly do you convert your traffic into warm leads? Keep reading to find out.

What Is A Warm Lead?

There are three stages of generating leads: Cold leads, warm leads, and qualified leads.

Cold leads are the ones that discover or learn about your business for the first-time. In this case, it’ll be your first-time website visitors. Warm leads are the ones that show interest in your product or service. Warm leads will often subscribe to your email list or follow you on social media to learn more about your business. A qualified lead is a warm lead that’s close to buying your product.

You need to take your potential customers through each stage of this lead generation process to convert them into sales. Here are some of the most effective strategies you can use to turn your cold leads into warm leads.

1. Offer Attractive Incentives

The best way to convert your cold leads (website visitors) into warm leads (email subscribers) is through a transaction. It’s simple, you give something valuable for free in exchange for their email.

This process is usually done by placing lead magnets and embedded email opt-in forms on your website and blog posts. You can offer different types of incentives to attract leads, including free eBooks, case studies, guides, free trials for products, and more.

However, you shouldn’t create these lead magnets at random. Your main goal is to influence people and arouse an interest in your product or service. So, create your lead magnets with that purpose in mind.

For example, if you’re promoting a web design business, you can create useful lead magnets to show the importance of quality web design, like a “20-step checklist for identifying good and bad website design.”

2. Make the Most of Contact Form Submissions

Another great way to generate more leads is to integrate your email marketing service into your contact form to let users easily subscribe to your email list to learn further information.

This is a great strategy because a person who uses your contact form is someone who’s already showing interest in your product. By converting those users into email subscribers, you’ll be adding a warm lead directly to your email list.

You can automatically add emails from contact form submissions to your email list using a WordPress form building plugin like WPForms.

3. Send Drip Email Campaigns

What do you do after someone subscribes to your email? Do you start telling them how great your product is right away? That’s not an effective way to warm up your leads.

First, you have to connect with your leads and build a relationship before even mentioning your product. A great way to do that is by sending a drip campaign. Drip email campaigns allow you to send a series of automated emails throughout the course of days or weeks.

According to HubSpot, drip campaign emails show an increased open-rate at over 40%.

For example, when a cold lead subscribes to your email list, you can send them a welcome message thanking them. After one or two days, you can send another email giving them a few tips on how to grow their business. And then follow up with another one, until you slowly get your cold leads interested in your product.

4. Use Urgency to Increase Conversions

Scarcity and urgency play a key role in marketing and boosting conversions. According to studies and scientific research, people tend to react faster when you offer a limited window of time to take an action.

Major online retailers, like Amazon and eBay, use this strategy well by sending users emails whenever an item goes on sale or when an item is low in stock.

This strategy taps into the people’s fear of missing out (FOMO) so they immediately take action. It’s also a great way to convert your cold leads into warm leads. For example, Neil Patel uses urgency to get his website visitors to subscribe to his email list and get access to his webinar sessions.

5. Integrate a Live Chat Support System

Offering live chat support is not just about providing a convenient way for your potential customers to learn more about your service and find answers to their questions, it’s also a great way to generate more warm leads.

As you may know, whenever you use a live chat support system to contact a company, you have to enter your name and email. This data usually gets stored by the company for promotional purposes.

You can use the same strategy to grow your email list. WordPress plugins, such as Tidio Live Chat, allows you to easily setup a live chat support system on your website and connect your email marketing service with the plugin to automatically add the contact details collected from the chat system to your email list.


These marketing strategies will help you generate more warm leads from your blog and website without even having to touch your budget.

Connecting with influencers and cross-promotions are also great methods you can use to boost your warm leads. Keep experimenting to find your own new strategies to attract more leads and increase sales.

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About the author:
Syed Balkhi is an award winning entrepreneur and co-founder of OptinMonster, a powerful conversion optimization software. He is also the founder of Awesome Motive the company behind several popular small business software that collectively power over 3 million websites and serves billions of pageviews every month.

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