Email Deliverability

Make sure your emails always land in your customers' inboxes with an email marketing platform built for deliverability.


10 years of email deliverability expertise and a dedicated global team to support your growth.


Actively managed sender reputations for all of our Sendinblue sender IPs.


Leverage a network of SMTP servers that are built and maintained for bulk email sending.

Land your emails in your customer's inbox

Actively managed SMTP servers for better deliverability.

Email inbox providers like Gmail or Yahoo have complex filters to ensure their users don’t receive spam emails in their inbox. These filters are especially aggressive at filtering emails that are being sent from a server or domain with a negative sender reputation. When sending bulk email campaigns or large volumes of transactional emails, you need to use a dedicated service, like Sendinblue, which actively manages email servers to ensure they maintain a positive sender reputation for the best possible email deliverability.

Sending large email volumes requires using a dedicated service to prevent your emails getting filtered out as spam.

Avoid your emails going to SPAM

Great email deliverability is essential to the success of email marketing, but this is not easily accomplished when sending large volumes of emails. At Sendinblue, we have a team of email deliverability experts helping our customers maximize their deliverability rate and making sure their emails hit their contacts’ inboxes. For exceptionally large senders, we also offer dedicated IPs to take even more control of their email deliverability.

Take advantage of our world-class email deliverability and worry less about your campaigns being stuck behind SPAM filters.

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Send bulk emails with confidence.

With a decade of expertise in email deliverability, Sendinblue’s email campaign and transactional email apps are suppported by a global network of secure servers that are constantly optimized to achieve the best deliverability possible. We also offer many options to give users even more control over their email deliverability, including customizing the DKIM, SPF, and DMARC protocols, as well as dedicated IPs for larger-volume senders.

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