Contact Segmentation

Make your emails more relevant by targeting smaller groups of contacts with a tailored message.


Increase opens and clicks with powerful segmentation


Sell more by sending more targeted messages


Keep your customers happy with more relevant content

Say the right thing in your email marketing. Always.

Better targeting for your marketing messages.

Segmenting your contact list into smaller groups of contacts with similar characteristics lets you tailor email content more effectively. Segmentation can be done based on many different dimensions, including:

  • Declared interests
  • Previous engagement or purchase history
  • Socio-economic or geographical characteristics

Advanced contact list segmentation is a staple of every successful email marketing strategy.

Stronger relationships and more engagement.

Manage your marketing communications more effectively and extend your reach! Sendinblue makes it easy to segment contacts when sending an email campaign.

Marketing automation can make this even more powerful, allowing you to dynamically sort users into contact lists and update certain attributes in your database when they do something on your website or in your emails. Use these segments in Facebook advertising or retargeting campaigns while you continue to cultivate your relationship through email in order to get even more value!

Segmentation lets you talk more effectively to your contacts and extend the life of your customer relationships.

Put the pedal to the metal on your marketing

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Make your contact data work for you.

Sendinblue is built for powerful segmentation! With unlimited space for contacts and attributes, you can store as much contact information as you want without worrying about paying more or hitting a limit. You can then use these attributes to segment campaigns or conditionally display content in your messages according to your contact information:

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Email Marketing

Get the word out and sell more with sleek email messages that you can design in no time.

Marketing Automation

Save time and boost performance by automating your segmentation and marketing messages.

A/B Testing

Boost performance by testing two ideas in your email and letting data choose the best one

Facebook Ads

Launch Facebook ads from your account to retarget contacts or reach new audiences based on your contact lists.


Show ads to your website visitors as they browse other websites and bring them back to convert


Build stronger relationships by keeping track of all your contact details in one place.

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