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SMTP server free for up to 300 emails a day

Sendinblue offers an SMTP relay service (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) on its forever free plan with a sending limit of 300 emails a day. Pricing for paid plans starts at $25 for 20,000 emails/month and unlimited subscribers (includes email campaigns and transactional emails).

If you’re looking to configure a free SMTP server for testing, Sendinblue’s free plan is the easiest way to go. No credit card, no commitment. Cancel anytime.

What to expect from our free SMTP server

Free SMTP services like Gmail and Outlook just aren’t designed for sending mass emails or large volumes of transactional emails. At Sendinblue, our SMTP service is built on a solid and reliable infrastructure that enables us to send millions of emails every day for our clients.

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Send bulk email

Benefit from an SMTP relay service that’s been set up for the purpose of delivering bulk emails. Unlike the servers used to send a typical email from your Gmail account, our servers are specially configured in a way that supports high-volume sending.

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Top class deliverability

Sendinblue’s free SMTP server is backed by dedicated infrastructure and resources to make sure your emails reach the inbox (and avoid the spam folder).

  • Closely monitored shared IPs
  • A team of experienced email deliverability experts
  • Rigorous validation process to keep spammers out
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Rapid email delivery

Sendinblue’s SMTP server ensures your time-sensitive transactional emails are delivered on time, every time.

  • 50% of emails delivered within 1 second
  • 99.98% of emails delivered in under 20 seconds
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Trusted sender reputation

Our sender reputation is well established among email clients (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and we maintain strict control over all our IP addresses. By choosing to send over our free SMTP server, you get to benefit from the deliverability of an established SMTP service provider.

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Free SMTP server capabilities

Our free plan also gives access to our email marketing platform, transactional email API and custom-built email plugins for WordPress and ecommerce platforms.

Send transactional emails

Trust our SMTP relay service to deliver your most important customer updates. Whether it’s account activation emails, order confirmations, shipping notifications, receipts, password resets, or security alerts, we’ve got all your transactional needs covered.

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Send emails from other apps and websites

Just plug our SMTP credentials into another service to have these third-party emails sent through Sendinblue. By sending the emails through Sendinblue, you can take full advantage of our established sending reputation and reporting features.

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Automation workflows

Trigger custom email automation workflows based on user activity and website behavior. Never miss an opportunity to engage.

  • Ready-made workflows and templates
  • Multi-channel workflows for email & SMS
  • Emails triggered by link clicks and visits to your WordPress site or other third party app  
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Analyze email delivery and engagement

Our free SMTP relay server gives access to advanced reporting features so you’ve got the data and insights you need to consistently improve. 

  • Real-time delivery rates and performance metrics
  • Clear, easy to digest data for rapid analysis
  • Custom webhooks for instant updates however you want to receive them
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Protect your sender reputation

Sendinblue offers a number of features to help marketers maintain and protect their sender reputations.

  • Hard-bounce pooling to avoid sending any more emails to hard bounce contacts (automatic unsubscribe)
  • Dedicated IPs available for high-volume senders on paid plans
  • Split transactional and promotional emails into different streams (by sender and IP address)
  • Domain name authentication (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC) to validate your sender signature
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Test our SMTP relay server on the free plan.

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How to set up your free SMTP server

Manually configure your SMTP settings in Sendinblue to be able send transactional messages from third party web apps and websites over our free SMTP mail server.

  1. Open your free Sendinblue account
  2. Add and verify your domain in the Senders and IPs section
  3. Request the SMTP activation by contacting our support team, specifying whether it’s for marketing or transactional emails

Once SMTP is activated, enter your Sendinblue SMTP credentials into a third party application. These credentials can be found by clicking on the company name at the top right of your Sendinblue account and selecting ‘SMTP & API‘. SMTP credentials consist of the sending server, a port, login, and password like in the screenshot below.

How we compare to other service providers

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