January 10, 2022

100 Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines to Make Your Audience Fall Head Over Heels

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Got your Valentine’s Day email subject line already picked out? What if we told you the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way consumers celebrate (and spend)?

Valentine’s Day is always a popular shopping event. But the pandemic has caused a shift in consumer behavior on the holiday.

US consumers spent $21.8 billion on Valentine’s Day 2021, down from a record high of $27.4 billion in 2020. While total spending decreased with the pandemic, consumers made considerably more ecommerce purchases in 2021 than in the past.

Whereas they used to prefer experiential purchases like at restaurants and movie theaters, consumers on Valentine’s today have shown a preference for online shopping.

To help you make the most of this changing consumer trend, we’ve put together a list of 100 Valentine’s Day email subject lines. In light of the shift toward ecommerce purchases on the holiday, email marketing will be more important than ever this year. Read on for everything you need to know to craft a Valentine’s Day email campaign that drives conversions and celebrations.

Valentine’s Day Email Marketing

Given that over half of all US adults plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you don’t want to miss out on this holiday sales opportunity. To make the most of it, your email marketing campaign should wish your audience a happy Valentine’s Day and showcase whatever promotion you’re running. 

But what’s the key to boosting open rates and getting your audience to actually read your email newsletter? An attention-grabbing, on-theme subject line! 

In this article, you find four sections of Valentine’s Day email subject lines. For ecommerce retailers, pay special attention to the subject lines related to shipping / delivery. Valentine’s Day shoppers tend to be last-minute, meaning this type of campaign can be highly effective. 

Another popular tactic for Valentine’s Day email subject lines is emojis. Given it’s the holiday of love and romance, there is no shortage of emojis to use on Valentine’s Day. 

Without further ado, let’s jump into the list of 100 Valentine’s Day email subject lines to inspire your holiday marketing campaign and drive conversions!

Subject Lines to Make Them Feel the Love

These subject lines will help your email campaign stand out in subscribers’ inboxes. Feel free to mix and match different ones and personalize the content to create your best Valentine’s Day email subject line yet! 

  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Sweetheart!
  • Will You Be Our Valentine?
  • Up To 75% Off Valentine’s Gifts!
  • Plenty of Gifts to Show Your Love
  • Gifts They’ll Fall In Love With
  • In Celebration of Love
  • Be Mine! Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Is Out Now
  • Your Valentine’s Day Gift Is Inside
  • Why we love our customers:
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo
  • Better Than Roses and Chocolates
  • Treat Your Sweetheart
  • 1 for You, 1 for Your Valentine
  • Show Your Love With These Gifts
  • Happy Galentine’s Day 
  • A Valentine’s Treat
  • I Choo-Choo-Choose You – Valentine’s Day Sale
  • Ditch the Chocolates and up your Valentine’s Game
  • The Anti-Valentine’s Day List Is Here
  • Savings have never been sweeter!
  • Gifts That’ll Make Them Fall In Love
  • Feel the love this Valentine’s
  • Gift Ideas for your Sweetheart on Valentine’s Day
  • In Celebration of All The Singles Out There
  • Your One-Stop Valentine’s Shop
  • Shopping for Valentine’s Day? Free Gift Included!
  • You’re Our Valentine
  • Where’s the love? In our Valentine’s Shop!
  • Things are heating up… got a gift yet?
  • Give them their heart’s desire…

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Mentioning Shipping in Your Valentine’s Day Subject Line

Since Valentine’s ecommerce purchases have gained popularity, mentioning shipping in your email subject line is a good idea to drive up open rates. Offering free or discounted shipping is known to grab readers’ attention and can oftentimes seal the deal for customers’ on the fence about a purchase.

  • Last chance for FREE delivery by Valentine’s Day
  • Happy (early) Valentine’s Day! FREE SHIPPING!
  • Valentine’s Day is even happier with free shipping
  • Free Shipping Until February 14
  • Guaranteed Delivery for Valentine’s Day
  • Get Your Valentine’s Day Gifts Shipped Free
  • A Charming Valentine’s Day | Two Days Left to Order
  • Free Shipping! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • What’s better than chocolates and roses? Free shipping! 
  • Cupid Made Us Do It: Free Shipping For Everyone! 
  • Last Chance For Free Shipping In Time For Valentine’s Day
  • Free Shipping for Valentine’s Day Ends Tonight
  • You Haven’t Left Valentine’s Too Late: Free Express Shipping! 
  • Get the perfect Valentine’s Gift with Free Shipping
  • Last Chance to Get Your Valentine’s Day Gifts On Time

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Valentine’s Day Subject Lines with Emojis

Emojis are a great way to add some color and excitement to your V-day subject line. They help your email newsletter stand out against the rest in subscribers’ inboxes. Feel free to mix and match different emojis with different subject line text. 

  • Happy Valentine’s Day 🥰
  • Get Ready for Valentine’s Day 🍫
  • Valentine’s Day Is Right Around The Corner ❤️
  • Cupid’s Calling 💘
  • Valentine’s Isn’t Complete Without Jewelry 💍
  • Valentine’s Day Is Almost Here 💖
  • New Clothing Just For Valentine’s Day 👗👠
  • Our Valentine’s Day Shop Is Open 💝
  • Make This Valentine’s Dinner Special 🥘
  • Don’t Forget To Treat Your Furry Valentine 🐶🐱
  • Don’t Go Breaking Hearts 💔
  • Love Free Shipping? Order Before Valentine’s Day 🚢❤️
  • Sweets for your Sweetheart 🍫
  • ❤️ is buy one get one free
  • Celebrate Valentine’s In Style 🥂
  • Roses are red 🌹 violets are blue, here’s a deal for you!
  • Gifts that say “👁️ ❤️ U”
  • Found the perfect gift for that special someone? 💐
  • Your Complete Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 🎁 2022
  • The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants 🫀
  • The Perfect Gifts for Cuddle Buddies 🧸
  • ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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Last-minute Valentine’s Day Subject Lines

Ironically, another aspect of Valentine’s Day to take into account is how easily people can forget about the holiday. While over 50% of Americans intend to celebrate V-day, it often sneaks up on people (even with marketing campaigns running left and right).

For this reason, last minute Valentine’s Day shoppers are definitely a sub-group to target in your campaigns!

  • Only 2 Hours Left—Make this Valentine’s Day Memorable!
  • You Forgot It Was Valentine’s Day. Now What?
  • Don’t Mess It Up – Last Day To Ship Valentine’s Day Gifts
  • Need a Last Minute Gift for Valentine’s Day?
  • Cupid’s Last Call
  • Do you know what today is?
  • Final Day for Delivery by Valentine’s Day
  • Last Minute Gift Ideas for your Valentine’s
  • Hurry! Tomorrow Is Valentine’s Day
  • Last Chance to Get Your Order by Valentine’s Day!
  • You’re Running Out Of Valen-TIME
  • Don’t Forget Another Valentine’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day Is Sunday!
  • Get These Valentine’s Day Deals Before Time Runs Out
  • Valentine’s Day Is In 2 Days! Shop Now!
  • 24 Hours Only! Save 20% On All Orders – Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • You are still on time for your #SexyValentine!
  • Don’t. Forget. Valentine’s Day!
  • Did You Forget? Today is Valentine’s Day! 
  • Hurry! Last Weekend For The Valentines Day Sale
  • There’s Still Time To Get That Special Valentine’s Gift
  • It’s Cupid’s Last Call – Don’t Forget Your Valentine!
  • Need a Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift?
  • Don’t Forget About Your Valentine
  • Take 20% Off Last-Minute Valentine’s Gifts!
  • Psst… Today Is Valentine’s Day
  • Cupid won’t be around for much longer
  • Need A Last Minute Valentine’s Gift?
  • Final Day To Order for Valentine’s Day
  • It’s not too late to get that perfect Valentine’s Day gift!
  • 30% off last minute gifts for your Valentine
  • There’s still time to find the perfect Valentine.
  • Cupid’s Making His Last Round – Order Now!


Hopefully these examples have given you a good idea of the limitless possibilities when it comes to Valentine’s Day email subject lines. The holiday is a great opportunity to boost sales and change up your marketing content in the middle of winter. 

Looking for more advice on your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign? We’ve got you covered! Check out our article on Creating a Valentine’s Day Newsletter. Further, to get the best results out of your subject lines, we recommend using A/B testing to see what works best for your audience. 

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