December 6, 2021

40+ Free Email Newsletter Templates to Wow Subscribers

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Trying to design your business’s email newsletter? Not sure where to start? Choose from over 40 free email newsletter templates for professional, attractive, and responsive campaigns your subscribers will love. 🥰

Email newsletters are one of the best ways to develop your brand image, feature your products and services, and create a loyal following. By sending consistent email marketing campaigns that provide value to your subscribers, you’ll develop a strong customer base and boost sales in the long-run. 📈

Now, you might be thinking, “If it’s that simple, why doesn’t everyone start sending out email newsletters and immediately see success?”

The answer is… because it’s not that simple.

Building an engaged audience takes time and effort. One of the best ways to get started is by using templates. Sendinblue offers over 40 professionally-designed HTML newsletter templates to help take your email marketing strategy to the next level. The best part? They’re all available for free!

In this article, we’ll feature some of the best newsletter templates available on Sendinblue and spotlight some industry examples too.

Free Newsletter Templates for Stand-Out Email Marketing Campaigns

Of course, there’s never going to be a one-size-fits-all template that works for every brand’s newsletter.

Different organizations have different goals for their campaigns. So the content, calls to action (CTAs), and even the newsletter design should reflect these differences.

Sendinblue offers over 40 eye-catching email newsletter templates for different purposes and industries. You can access all the templates on our Free plan. Plus, you’ll get other handy email marketing tools to maximize your success. 

These fully responsive HTML templates help you create email newsletters that look great on mobile devices and desktop — no need for graphic design or coding skills. They’re ideal for small businesses who want to send professional email campaigns while saving time and money. 👌

You can easily customize templates to your brand image with our intuitive drag and drop editor. Then, once your newsletter design is ready, see how it looks for email clients on different platforms like Gmail and Outlook. 

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How to use the templates

To use our free email newsletter templates in your Sendinblue account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the “Campaigns” tab and click “Create an email campaign”. 
  2. Complete the “Setup” information, including your campaign name and subject line. 
  3. Click “Next step” to move to the design stage, then select “Template gallery”.
  4. Select your desired template to move on to the drag and drop editor.
  5. Customize your template! Pick the color scheme, choose your font, customize the header and footer, add high-quality images, and add whatever else you need to perfect your email design.

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Ecommerce newsletter templates

Newsletters are a vital element of ecommerce email marketing. You can use them to update your audience about new offerings and discounts, share valuable content, and even send personalized product recommendations. 💅

The goal is to keep customers informed and coming back to buy again. The free email newsletter templates below showcase different ways to achieve this and drive online sales.

Simple Suit

This example of a haberdashery does a good job of showing how ecommerce businesses can benefit from a well-designed email newsletter. The template includes several classic elements of an ecommerce email campaign:

  • Highlighting a seasonal sale: One of the most common CTAs for ecommerce businesses is the seasonal sale. In this example, Simple Suit is sending their Cyber Monday email announcing this year’s deals.
  • Featured products: In the context of a sale, featured products give your subscribers an idea of how much they could save on a purchase. Outside the content of a sale, featuring products like this also works well for stores with fewer products in their inventory or products that are more seasonal. 🍂
  • Personalized offerings: In the “Find your style” section of this newsletter, Simple Suit spotlights the opportunity to get advice from a personal stylist. This type of content provides real value for their subscribers and is especially likely to lead to conversions!

Elianne Boutique

Our next ecommerce newsletter template example takes a slightly different approach by featuring only one product in the email:

  • Speak directly to your subscribers: This email newsletter starts with a personalized greeting and a short note to subscribers. Beginning an email campaign this way helps connect with your subscribers in a more personal way. 🤝
  • Sneak peak: By only spotlighting one product from the new collection, this email campaign sparks interest. Their opening text mentions the collection, with a single featured product following. This strategy can seriously help boost your newsletter’s click through rate. 
  • Social media CTA: Besides selling a product, many ecommerce sites are also selling a lifestyle linked to their brand. Social media can play a big role in promoting this aspect of your business. Including buttons linking to your various social media channels is a great way to grow your brand’s reach. 🌐

Blog and media newsletter templates

When it comes to blog and media companies, the strategy is different.

People don’t sign up for a blog newsletter to receive discount coupons or sale notifications. Instead of generating sales, these campaigns build an engaged community of readers through valuable content.

Your email newsletter should promote your best content and give readers an easy way to find it. And this template will help you do just that.

Your News

Our next template features a local newspaper example. Pay special attention to how the newsletter provides value to readers in a few distinct sections:

  • Original intro: Media websites often create content around certain themes throughout the year. Your email newsletters can follow similar themes. It’s a good idea to add some original editorial content in the intro as context for the theme or topics you’re promoting. This example uses a “daily run-down” format to give their readers the most important headlines first. 📰
  • Featured content: Somewhere in your newsletter, you may want to spotlight a specific new blog post, headline, or quotation. This grabs readers attention and in turn helps boost click through rates. 
  • Helpful articles or videos: This is a no-brainer — email newsletters are the perfect place to promote your best articles of the month that readers may have missed. If your focus is video content, include links to your top videos instead. Our example includes a “relevant topics” section at the end of the newsletter with articles they’re readers care about. 🤗

SaaS newsletter templates

For SaaS companies, newsletters are for nurturing leads and building customer relationships. For this reason, they should be educational, professional, and most of all, full of value for the reader.

This means including helpful articles, product updates, and other content that establishes your company as an industry leader. And this SaaS email newsletter template includes all that and more.


Our template is based on a fictional SaaS marketing platform called WorkFlow. It includes several elements that every SaaS marketer should consider for their email newsletter:

  • Featured articles: SaaS companies must be an authority in their product’s domain. This means sharing content that showcases your expertise as a company while suggesting the benefits of your tool. 🤔
  • Product tutorials: Another nice way to add value in SaaS newsletters is by featuring product tutorials or demonstrations. Since SaaS tools are always evolving and the industry is so competitive, it’s essential to communicate any updates or new features. Newsletters are built for this type of announcement. Give readers an overview of the product updates, then add a CTA to encourage users to test them out.
  • Referral program with a signing bonus: This template also includes a referral program but adds an incentive to make it more appealing. This is another good option for businesses looking to grow their average basket value or orders per month. 🤑
  • Customer support contact details: The last thing you want is customers becoming frustrated because they can’t figure out a problem with your tool. Make it easy for them to contact your support team or find helpful resources, even in emails that aren’t customer support focused. ⛑️

Nonprofit newsletter templates

Nonprofit newsletters differ from business newsletters as they are mission- rather than sales-driven. This means they must communicate your organization’s story and activities to drum up support among subscribers. 🎗️

To do this, your newsletter should be educational, but also actionable. People don’t automatically stand up and support a cause — they usually need some encouragement.  And that’s where the newsletter comes in. Our nonprofit email newsletter template shows you exactly how it’s done.

School newsletters

This template uses the example of a school district. Note these key elements:

  • Event CTA: Most nonprofits rely on events to continue raising funds. Highlighting upcoming events in your email newsletter is a great way to increase signups and spread the word to new supporters. Here, we see the bake sale CTA is front and center.
  • Featured story: To secure donations, nonprofits need to prove their impact. Including a featured story that showcases this impact will tell readers they’ve made the right choice in supporting you. In this example, you’ll see featured articles from the school newsletter as a way of keeping parents informed and showcasing students’ work. ✨
  • Webinar signup: Webinars are popular ways to share content and build up a well-informed and dedicated following for non-profits. Newsletters are one of the best ways to promote this type of content to your users and wider audience. This example includes a webinar for parents on how to best support their children while learning at home. 
    • Many organizations use webinars— not just non-profits! For instance, SaaS companies use webinars to give in-depth tutorials on advanced features or share insights in their field. Alternatively, you can also use this section of the newsletter template for an ebook or infographic download.

Charity newsletters

Next, here’s an example of a charity’s thank you newsletter: 😊

  • Keep it simple: In a thank you email, your primary goal is to express gratitude to a contact. For this reason, don’t let your newsletter design or copy get out of hand. Sending a short, well-meaning thank you note is much preferred to a long-winded email bogged down by news and upcoming events. 🙅‍♀️
  • Personalize your content: Another great strategy for thank you emails from charities is email personalization. Sending personalized emails allows you to do things like tell your customers exactly how their donations helped your charity. In this example for a pet charity, the donor can see they helped save 14 cats and dogs. This is a great way to express gratitude as an organization and create a sustainable fundraising strategy. The best part? Marketing automation features can handle this for you!

Holiday newsletter templates

Of course, this article on newsletter templates would be amiss without our holiday email content! Sendinblue has templates for Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Christmas newsletters, just to name a few. 😉

  • Sale or promotion: A holiday is a great time to offer a sale or promotion. 🎁 Starting your holiday newsletter by announcing a new discount code or special offer is a great way to grab your customers’ attention. 
  • Holiday theme: Your holiday newsletter shouldn’t look just like all our other email marketing campaigns. This is your chance to get creative with email design and embody the spirit of whatever holiday you’re celebrating. 💝 Sendinblue’s holiday newsletter templates come prepared with on-theme color palettes and designs to get you started.
  • Customized CTAs: Instead of using the same text for your CTA button, why not lean into the holiday spirit and spice up your calls to action. Our Halloween example features a CTA button that reads, “Spooky treats this way.” Again, this is a nice way to change things up from your regular marketing campaigns and shows your contact list another side of your business.

For a more in-depth look, check out our article on holiday email templates!

Find the Perfect Newsletter Template for Your Business

Newsletters are one of the best ways to start building relationships with your customers — so don’t wait to start sending!

And if you need more inspiration to make these templates your own, check out this list of our best email marketing examples (all created on Sendinblue) and our newsletter examples too!

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