Email Personalization

Create a more relevant message by personalizing your emails with dynamic content that is specific to each individual email recipient.


Increase your open and conversion rates with more relevant content


Send messages that are more authentic and personalized to the reader


Use conditional logic to say exactly what you want

Be more authentic with your email content.

Messages tailored to each of your email contacts.

Personalize your email content with everything from adding your contact’s name into your email text all the way to using contact database attributes to create rules for conditionally displaying entire sections of content. For example, if you know your contacts’ favorite colors, you can show different product images with the right color by using this information in the conditional display!

Bring your emails to life with dynamic content based on your contact information.

More subscriber engagement and conversions.

Dynamic content lets you show your contacts that you know them. People get so many emails nowadays, so email personalization is the only way you can stand out and create more authentic interactions! The more relevant and personalized you make your emails, the more likely people will be to convert.

Send emails that your contacts will want to read and engage with using dynamic content that speaks directly to them.

Put the pedal to the metal on your marketing

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Easy email personalization at your fingertips ー no coding required!

Email personalization and dynamic content are super easy to set up in Sendinblue. The Drag & Drop Editor allows you to add contact information directly into your message text and use conditions for displaying blocks of content using the intuitive interface.

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