Click Map Reports

Create better email marketing campaigns with detailed email click map reports that show how customers interact with your emails.


Learn which CTAs and images generate the most clicks to optimize future messages


See the total number of clicks alongside the visual click map for more detail


Analyze the click map report with other campaigns statistics for a complete view

Keep improving your email marketing with detailed campaign insights.

Email engagement you can visualize.

Email click maps give you a color-coded visualization of your email engagement by highlighting clicked elements with a color spectrum from grey (least clicked) to red (most clicked). The email heat map reports also include a table with the total clicks by link and a breakdown of the percentage of clicks that each link received in your email.

Get a clearer idea of how your emails are performing with detailed email engagement click map reports.

Campaign insights to keep getting better.

Understanding how your users interact with your emails is the best way to continue improving them and getting more value from your marketing strategy. Email click maps let you see which CTAs are getting the most engagement and if there are certain buttons or links that aren’t getting the attention they should.

Identify more clearly which CTAs and links work best in your email, and which need to be improved.

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Click maps for every campaign that you send out.

Each time you send an email campaign from Sendinblue, you can look through the performance using the detailed email campaign reports. Click maps are included as part of this report to give you more information to drill down and understand your click engagement so you can keep improving your campaigns in the future.

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