Open & Click Reports

Accurately measure the performance of your email marketing campaigns to know what you did well and how you can improve.


Drill down on your engagement based on geography, email provider, chronology, and more


Get insights that help you improve your overall marketing strategy


Track all the information you want with reports that are updated in real time

Gain deeper marketing insights by monitoring your email performance.

Detailed statistics for your email campaigns

Follow your email marketing performance and dig for deeper insights with advanced open and click reports in Sendinblue. Know exactly which users engaged with your emails and go more into the details with email heat maps, reports by geography, and detailed engagement timelines. You can even segment your reporting based on the various email inbox providers that your contacts use.

Know everything that you want to know about how your contacts engage with your email campaigns.

Knowledge to help you develop your email marketing strategy

Know exactly how different segments of users interact with your email campaigns so you can clearly see which tactics generate the most engagement with your target audience. Take this one step further by setting up Conversion events so that you can attribute real conversions and revenue to your email marketing campaigns to get a better picture of how much impact your marketing has on your business.

Learn from your email marketing campaign performance to keep improving your messages.

Put the pedal to the metal on your marketing

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Follow the results of all your Sendinblue campaigns

Every time you send out an email campaign, you can a find detailed open and click-through report that shows you the performance for that campaign. Browse through the classic email campaign statistics, such as delivery rate, open rate, and click-through rate. Then, take a look at the more granular reports, such as geographic reports, heat maps, and deliverability by email inbox provider.

Take your marketing strategy further.

Email Marketing

Get the word out and sell more with sleek email messages that you can design in no time.

Transactional Email

Step up the design, engagement, and deliverability of your transactional messages.

Send Time Optimization

Send at the perfect time with just one click using our machine learning-powered send time algorithm

Real-Time Statistics

Stay on top of performance as it happens and know about any issues as they happen

Click Map Reports

Learn more with detailed email click map reports that show how customers interact with your messages

A/B Testing

Boost performance by testing two ideas in your email and letting data choose the best one

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