October 4, 2018

8 Effective Landing Page Examples that Convert

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Take a look at some of these marketing landing page examples to get inspiration on how you can improve your own!

So, you’ve got paid search ads going, your pages are optimized to generate good organic traffic, and your social ads are set up as well. Voila! Your marketing game is on point. But, if this still sounds a little too out of reach to you, don’t fret – with a bit of inspiration, you can get there, too.

If people are visiting your site, but you’re not seeing your conversion numbers move, don’t throw your hands up and quit on your marketing too soon.

You have to investigate your website visitors’ behavior to understand what the problem is. Take a look at what people do after they go through your ads. If your landing page isn’t great, it’s like you’re fishing without a net: you’ve gotten your visitors this far, but you’re not able to get them into the boat.

While traffic is nice, we don’t just want people to visit our pages and leave – we want them to take action once they arrive. So, let’s make it as easy as possible for them by implementing elements from the kind of landing page examples that actually CONVERT.

Before we share some inspirational landing pages with you, you should know that the best examples will always have a strong call to action (CTA).

The CTA is the action that you want visitors to perform as a result of landing on your page:

  • Buy Now
  • Sign Up
  • Try It for free
  • Contact Us
  • See Our Demo

It’s amazing how a single button can make or break a conversion.

Whatever you need to do to move people further along your acquisition funnel, that’s what you should ask of them, and you should be doing it clearly.

Now that you know the basics, let’s look more closely at how this looks in practice. Here are some inspirational landing page examples for you to give you some ideas on how to spruce up your own!

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1. Signup Landing Page

Probably the most common use case for a landing page out there, the signup landing page is used for exactly what it sounds like: encouraging visitors to sign up for a product, newsletter, or another type of account. These pages usually consist of a quick description of the offering, followed by form fields to collect information for the signup process.

signup landing page example

Prominent features of the landing page:

  • The headline grabs the attention of the reader by using statistical data and bolding the text.
  • The dark form with the red button calls for action. They stand out from the rest of the page.
  • The company logo tells the visitors that it is serious business and acts as social proof.
  • The gravity of the page makes it alluring to cautious investors. (The excessive use of fine prints can be toned down a bit though.)

Tips for optimizing this landing page:

  • Be sure to keep form fields to a minimum. Only collect what you need.
  • Communicate the value proposition of signing up very clearly.
  • Avoid too much fine print that might scare away visitors before completing the signup CTA.

2. Event Landing Page

Landing pages are perfect for event promotion because they aren’t a core page on your website, so they can be easily changed when the event details are updated.

events landing page example

Prominent features of this landing page:

  • The header is professional and instantly conveys the large scale of the convention.
  • Just under the header, you have a big picture of an influencer — that’s social proof for days!
  • List of benefits right underneath draws the reader in toward action.
  • Though not visible in the image, this landing page also listed the event speakers right after this segment.
  • The process is streamlined — It’s like hitting one button after another for the customer.

Tips for optimizing this landing page:

  • Provide as much information about the event as you can (e.g. price, speakers, activities, themes, sponsors, etc.).
  • Use social proof.
  • Consider including an option to “share” or “invite” others to the event so you can expand your reach.

3. Resource Download Landing Page

A resource landing page is a page on a site offering a useful resource to visitors. From whitepapers, to videos, reports, and even short guides — the goal is to provide the free resource in exchange for a visitor’s contact information.

resource download landing page example

Prominent features of this landing page:

  • The first thing to notice is the curious headline right on top. It immediately communicates the problem that their resource will help you resolve. That can have a very strong effect on incentivizing more downloads.
  • They also use the red color strategically on the top and bottom of the form to immediately draw your attention to the form.
  • The combination of black and red actually gives the page a sleek, yet sassy look as well.

Tips for optimizing this landing page:

  • Use a quote or a testimonial from a customer to make the asset more compelling.
  • Make it more visually appealing by adding a graphic of how the resource would actually look if it was tangible.
  • Use more lively graphics in the bottom three descriptions of the content you get inside.

4. eCommerce Landing Page

An eCommerce landing page is designed with a single purpose in mind: to convert visitors into solid leads and buyers. The goal is to get leads to convert more, make more sales, and more profit.

ecommerce landing page example header
ecommerce landing page example

Prominent features of this landing page:

  • Product images are big, which often leads to more clicks on the product.
  • The design is unique and aesthetically pleasing without being overbearing.
  • The ‘Buy Now’ button with the border is a subtle, but still powerful CTA urging visitors to click and make a purchase.

Tips for optimizing this landing page:

  • Make sure that the page linked to from the product image and CTA in your email is a checkout page or dedicated product landing pages so you can achieve a higher conversion rate. You don’t want the user clicking on a product link only to end up on the homepage of your site. This will cause them to lose all motivation.

5. eBook Landing Page

Like the resource download page mentioned above, the goal of the eBook landing page is to capture visitors’ contact information in exchange for a downloadable resource. However, eBooks are often very dense content resources, so they can often look a bit different than typical resource pages because they have more information in the value proposition.

ebook landing page example

Prominent features of this landing page:

  • The headline shines brightly. It communicates the value to visitors immediately.
  • The copy is separated into chunks, making the text easier to read and digest.
  • The image pulls the attention of viewers and serves to reinforce the offer.
  • Finally, the big wide form on the right consumes the major portion of the page. It’s like it’s fighting for attention from the text and the image, and it’s WINNING. This isn’t great because it’s placing the same amount of emphasis on the form fields as the text description on the left.

Tips for optimizing this landing page:

  • Make sure to capture information in as few form fields as possible.
  • This page could be more engaging with social proof (use quotes that praise the asset).
  • Supporting copy on the graphic to the left can be shorter and more targeted.
  • Feature the description and value proposition for the resource (in this case the eBook) more prominently than the form fields.

6. Action Landing Page

Action landing pages often have the most simple designs because they have a very direct goal. Usually, they are used with digital ad campaigns to provide clickers with a hyper-targeted experience.

action landing page example

This type of landing pages normally includes a simple input form field or a tool that prompts an action from the visitor. It’s not like offering an eBook or a piece of software though. Most of the time, the page is providing a direct answer or solution to a question that the visitor has. For example, a landing page for people looking at buying life insurance might have a price calculator. Another example could be an offer to set up a free consultation with a physician for people looking for advice on high blood pressure.

With action landing pages, it’s all about hitting the problem without any fluff talk or beating around the bush.

Prominent features of this landing page:

  • The non-hyperlinked logo won’t allow the visitors to leave the page to check out the website.
  • The big gecko mascot keeps it fun and appealing (and on-brand of course).
  • The headline is simple and disarming, just like talking to your neighbor next door.
  • The lack of any other text makes the CTA button all the more powerful. It’s like you have no other choice but to enter your zip code and find what lies behind the curtain.

Tips for optimizing this landing page:

  • Don’t be afraid to add a bit more copy to make the call-to-action clear. It can dispel any anxiety visitors might feel with the ambiguous CTA.
  • Don’t be afraid to test adding more form fields to get more information upfront.

7. Promotional/Contest Landing Page

Promotional offer or contest landing pages are designed to maximize the number of people who enter. This is done by playing up the value of the offer or prize in order to entice visitors to give up their contact information.

Remember though, If you’re using a page like this and you have customers or visitors in Europe, be sure that you provide explicit opt-in options that are compliant with the GDPR.

promotional contest landing page example

Prominent features of this landing page:

  • The header is the winning factor of this landing page: very well-designed to keep the professional feel to the event with a strong call-to-action that alludes to the promotional offer.
  • The bullet points do a good job of showcasing the list of incentives for winning the prize.
  • The message creates a strong sense of urgency by mentioning the deadline and number of potential winners.
  • The CTA button pops with the shadow effect, making it more visible and actionable.

Tips for optimizing this landing page:

  • Minimize the copy (too much content overwhelms your visitor) and avoid cluttering the landing page.
  • No social proof to see what others have gained from the experience in the past.
  • It may pay off to communicate the message more quickly.

8. Nonprofit Donation Landing Page

Donations are the fuel that keeps nonprofits going — in fact, it’s the main source of revenue for many of these organizations. So, anything to increase the effectiveness of donation campaigns is super important. Enter, the donation landing page:

nonprofit donation landing page example

Prominent features of this landing page:

  • The top headline is full of strong emotion and is positively charged. The page should ooze positivity because that’s the result you seek through receiving the donation.
  • ‘Support Drissa’ at the top gives it a personal touch. Rather than donating to a faceless organization, donors can choose a child to support, which gives their donation more meaning.
  • Many nonprofits have missions that impact people in a real and substantial way, so it’s absolutely essential to use the power of emotion to communicate that. The strong use of images in this page really drives that pathos home.

Tips for optimizing this landing page:

  • A call-to-action for a guide or brochure to provide more information about the program could increase conversions. You could also link to your mission or ‘About us’ page.

In conclusion…

Designing and building a landing page that converts is a delicate art. As a marketer, you need to wear many hats:

  • Marketer
  • Salesperson
  • Designer

As a marketer, you need to find the right content, conducting A/B tests along the way to find the most optimized result. You’ll have to test things like headers and footers, links and social media buttons, CTA buttons, etc. All of these can have an effect on the conversion rate of your landing page and, and the marketer, you need to address them.

As a salesperson, you need to understand the needs and pains of your customers in order to find the right words that create the highest level of engagement from your audience. Link the visitor’s problems with the value that your solution provides so they know that they can’t live without your business.

Finally, as a designer, you need to well… design! Think about how the user will experience the page and create CTAs that standout and an experience that doesn’t place too much pressure on the visitor, providing a pleasant, yet targeted experience.

At the end of the day, your landing page visitors are your guests. Treat them to the kind of experience that will make them want to stay way to the late hours of the night.

Now that you have some quality examples, it’s time to take their inspiration and craft your own to really boost your conversion rates!

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